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 Isn't over yet.....1861 NS copper

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Isn't over yet.....1861 NS copper   Sat Nov 29, 2008 3:39 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....well never say die as the past few days of mild weather and rain have decimated the snow exposing some bare ground. Marie didn't have to ask me twice what I'd like to do and I was out the door as quick as it came off her lips. Didn't feel bad about it neither as she was going in town to visit her mother with her sister. I'm doing the dew Sunday evening with her. Donna is still recovering albeit slowly and the prayers are helping.

Hit a school yard where I thought it would be an easy go of it and fairly dry. As always the penny popping started almost immediately and I was in 7th heaven having believed that the season was over. Had the place to myself and was in the zone till I came across this!

Could it be true and if so I have to give the school a hand to get such a high profile celebrity as Michael Jackson there. Mind you I wouldn't let my kid within a football length of the bouy! That shook me up so I headed out to new spot even before the quota was secured! Thought I'd do the dew at Tim's which was a disaster as the hostess made mine a double double when all I asked for was double milk........the horror..the horror as it was poured out on Bayers Rd and my coin finds added to the cup. Truth be known I didn't have enough money for the second cup.......um should have gone there and maybe my order wouldn't have been fowled up. Amazing how a cup of mud can dictate one's mood! Thought a walk in the woods would cool me off after that escapade and to the woods Otto did ride ending up at the old faithful Dingle.

This was like medicine and was soon lost again in my zone listening to the waves beat on the shore and the constant chatter of the squirrels looking for nuts.....weren't getting mine....... as I had an "O Henry" bar in my pocket! First hit here was a key while the second turned to be the find of the day in the form of a toasty 1861 Nova Scotia coin. At the schoolyard I did have a first ...a Crystal Palace token which is used at Champlain Mall in Moncton. Well that was enough for today so I headed home to an empty house as Marie was still out so I cooked Bambi up for my supper. Sum gud youz.

Take for the day was a key, the token, 1861 NS coins, button and 44 coins @ $3.65 and very happy bouy just to have been able to swing the mighty Green Machine.
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Isn't over yet.....1861 NS copper
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