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 Snow too deep so I went aquatic

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Snow too deep so I went aquatic   Tue Nov 25, 2008 2:44 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....the walls were closing in, each tick of the clock sounded as if it was in my head, all letters to fellow stamp collectors sent, honey dew list completed...I couldn't stand ...just couldn't I tell you so out I went and....... got 4 new winter rubbers for Otto with my Seahunter Mkll snuggled in the back seat. Wasn't sure where I was going but after a spell I did end up at a lake and was greeted, and not too warmly I might add by this!

Like a tuna chasing a school of fall mackeral I plunged through the ice and began to swish feeling once again alive I tell you....Alivvvvvvvvvvvvve! Mind you in the deeper water my voice went up a few octaves. Um...might be able to make the Veinna Bouys Choir now and sing at Mass without getting thrown out!

Going backwards to break the ice so that I could swing the Garrett I felt like the CCG ship Hudson navigating through James Bay.
Targets were few and far between but what the halibut I was out swishing with the whole place to myself. Scooped out a dinkie and a few coins as I was getting numb from the waist down.......................not Bud induced from the head down like usual and exited rather quickly falling in the process.........man it didn't take long to feel the "Big Chill." A quick trip to Tim's and a great cup of java and I was warm on the inside at least. What the halibut I was wet so I tried another lake but couldn't swing here as the ice was just too thick. All I managed to do here was scare the hake out of some albino crows and grid off the beach area (a pretty design I might add) that was some stingy youz giving up but a few pennies.

Take for the outing was a golf egg, dinkie, gas capsule for a co2 gun and 9 coins @ $0.58.

Was it worth it? Youz best believe it me son!
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Snow too deep so I went aquatic
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