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 Good ole park huntin gets me my oldest coin yet!!! 1893 V-Nickel

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PostSubject: Good ole park huntin gets me my oldest coin yet!!! 1893 V-Nickel   Mon Nov 17, 2008 5:15 am

Well this morning at 8am I meet up with 4 of my buds in an old Chicago park for a 7 hour hunt. Man was it cold, I was the only one in our group not wearing a Carheart body suit!!! We all had some great finds. In about 10 min into the hunt I got a shallow 2 inch nickel signal. I figured it would be a modern Jefferson but when I pulled it out of the ground I was rewarded with my oldest dug coin so far!!! It was an 1893 V-Nickel!!! All season I was lookin for one and I just got my first last Sunday, now I have 2!!! Later I got a high deep coin signal at about 7 or 8 inches. I thought it was gonna be a silver dime but when I retrieved my target I was pleasantly surprised to find an old thimble. I wiped the dirt off of it and I knew it had to be silver!!! Once I got home I cleaned out the inside and at the bottom I found that it was in fact silver, it is stamped with STERLING. I weighed it and it is 2 grams. I also got an iffy signal by an old tree, when I dug my plug it disappeared. I checked the the hole's walls with my pinpointer and it knocked some dirt loose and out popped an old marble that was about 5 or 6 inches down. So I was happy that I didn't waist my efforts for nothing. Here is the rest of my finds, not including the 2 full pouches of canslaw and wine caps...

The others in the group found atleast 25-30 Wheaties, 6 Indian Head cents, 1 Barber dime, 2 Mercs, 1 silver Roosie, a War Nickel, 2 pocket knifes (1 was an old switchblade) and a Tiffany & Co. locket. Oh yea and and a ton of clad too.


LOL - I didn't know Ms. Liberty had a mustache...

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Good ole park huntin gets me my oldest coin yet!!! 1893 V-Nickel
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