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 1817 George lll Half Crown

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: 1817 George lll Half Crown   Fri Oct 31, 2008 4:07 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....
Day 1
The twin diesel pumps continuosly and methodically droned on draining the water from Lake Banook sending a pressurized torrent through it's long, black, serpentine hoes into a lower lock of historic Shubenacadie Canal. Ultimately the fresh water and loam would make it's way into Halifax Harbour.

With the recession of the shore line the algae covered rocks, quagmires and the remnants of human useage were exposed, making detecting in this area a precarious activity to say the least. I must admit that I was a tad disheartened to see all the refuse that marred my concept of this heavily used lake which hosted the World Canoe Championships in the 1990's and from the scuttlebutt will again in the next few years.
Tackled the beach and sandy area first while at once realizing that I was not the first detectorist to swing in this area as it was evident by the craters with sand piled up next to them with many having metallic objects laying on top. Filled a few holes but gave up and continued what turned out to be a penny popping escapade.....at least till I reached the far end that was really trashy and rocky with a foul smell oozing out of the crudy black lake bottom. About the 5th hit here right at the new shore line sounded the familar bell tone on my Garrett Freedom 3 Plus big time. Lord love a duck I was not ready for this find!

These were taken today after a bath in a glass pie plate lined with tin foil , baking soda and hot water.
Wasn't sure at the time what it was, from where but knew it was silver by the blackness on the coin. Hammered that particular area to no avail and headed home for my date..............dam night shifts! S.O.C. bouys did a search for me late in the morning and consensus was that it was the above captioned coin. If not any help would be appreciated!
Take for that outing was the George half crown , key and 38 pennies.....no math needed to add that one up!

Day 2

Gruelling night shift was over thank God and I was out for the count I think before I left the shower and hit the bed.
With 5 hours sleep under my belt, which I've had to put another hole to tighten up as Bud seems to be few and far between these days, I recall my first waking thoughts for the day...."Must go to Lake Banook:, "Must dig holes" and with that I was out the door full of vim and vigor (little did I know) heading to the nearest gas station as Otto was on a hard "E" which to me means enough and to Marie a cause for panic! Women! At Wilson's regular was 97 cents a liter.....a real treat!
Hit several places along the shoreline while in the process eyeballing this rare Canadian cultural artifact that was made in Slovakia.....only in Canada you say.....pity!

Day turned into a "DigFest" with pennies galore and sad to say not another old coin.
None coin finds for the day included a dog tag, 5 keys, kid ring, silver dolphin ring, marble,4 mini propellers(think these are from fireworks) lead sinker and a heart with "Tim" writen on it.....um sounds like a plain which I stopped and got a large double milk on the way home!

Coin count for the outing was 111 @$7.03 which will be used for coffee fund especially when I'm served by that old battle axe at the Cobequid location.

Of course when I put the coins and such in "my" yellow plastic pasta strainer I thought twice as it was full of small pebbles and didn't want to plug the kitchen sink so I went out side to the Little Sackville River to strain out the debris in the stream and .............you got it my crocs slipped with me in them and I got soaked up to both knees. Being the highly intelligent bouy that I am I went back into my humble abode and got mud all over the carpet.........Spray 9 to the rescue. It was at this time I noticed a hamper full of towels...must be a hint. Thinking of telling Marie that I didn't know if they were washed or not so I couldn't fold and put them away. Then I saw her note saying that she was gone in to visit her mother at the hospital and that a friend of her's had lent her two movies for when she comes home (with Bud I hope) for us to watch. Last part of her note said the movie titles reminded her of me....."Iron Man"....got to be kidding as my back and knees are aching big time with the other being "The Hulk"...more like the Increadable Bulk. Should be a fun time! Happy hunting all.
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1817 George lll Half Crown
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