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 Plunder from the Netherworld

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PostSubject: Plunder from the Netherworld   Wed Oct 22, 2008 6:57 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....a dark, ominous haze blanketed the sky so that not even a sliver of sunlight could be seen. All was calm. A calmness that enveloped one in a feeling that nothing good was to come of this day!

Today was as good as any to plunder the treasures that the Grim Ripper had collected from those recently departed that gave him their earthly coinage, as they had no soul to pay for for the passage to eternal purgatory.

Along the way to dig those ill gotten treasures the signs were clear that this was not going to be a walk in the park!

Fully aware that the Hounds of Baskerville could be set upon me at any time!

Along a far path a Lotus was lurking near the trees and I could hear the demonic, lustful,craving and howls of one of the hounds from hell wanting to get out and rip my flesh from it's very bones.
My only comfort at this thought was that if it did transpire the creature would suffer a slow and long agonizing death from alcohol poisoning.

I constantly felt ill at ease and scanned the area to keep the satanics, demonics and the just plain crazies from getting the jump on me. Each hole I dug in Hades was filled with worms that were eager to gnaw on my exposed hand or at the very least a sharp shroud of metal anxiously waiting to flay my skin. A strange aura over took me as I dug the toll paid by an infidal.

While another poor soul would never again view his lighthouse nor see his now grieving family!

A strong sou'wester whistled through the trees while the leaves did their dance of death and spoke in a low rusting tone of forbiddance that sent chills down my spine not too mention I was getting soaked to the bone....but I didn't turn as purple as this evil bouy.

I had my quota from the lost souls. On the way home yet another forbodding chill etched itself into my very exsistance as the sign was there...1954...the year of my birth....the horror.......the horror.

And yet another sign that "The Evil" was coming.

Look ever so closely for it may be.....your last. I arrived home shaken not stirred and tallied the plunder for the day which included a roller skate key, dinkie,foreign coin, ablack ring from Satin's pinkie and 85 coins @$8.63

A mantra of blood lust took hold of me and I invited Bud and his 11 brothers over...and drained them all of their life's blood!
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billiard rich
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PostSubject: Re: Plunder from the Netherworld   Wed Oct 22, 2008 11:40 pm

lol! lol! lol!

Very cool hunt! Love that skate-key.
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Plunder from the Netherworld
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