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 Obsolete token and good deed

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Obsolete token and good deed   Mon Oct 20, 2008 12:17 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....scabbed a traffic detail yesterday at time and a half so that I could get my quota of verbal abuse.....have missed it and did get my share especially from a cranky 60 year old lady who thought she owned the airport and that all Canucks wore hip rubbers and fished for a living. Lord love a duck! The language that spewed from her mouth would have made a steveadore on the Halifax Waterfront turn red! Gave her the "Vulcan Salute" saying live long and prosper and she clapped her yap and went on her way. Great way to spend a day off.

Anyway Marie had Otto for the day so after a few butt kickings (received)playing scrabble I decided to walk over to the nearest playing field and noddle around while doing the drunken sailor grid.

Mind you it was a tad on the chilly side and I'm sure glad that I double bagged myself. Was watched from the sidelines by the "Usual Suspects" who looked like they were ready to rob a 7/11 store. Actually this mural is on the far side of the once school that is now a public library. Sad to see empty ballfields.

Half way through my outing I came across this token which is now obsolete as the bridges will now longer accept them.

Of course no outing is complete without a trip into the woods to visit the loo where I noticed these beauties.

Well a few more holes and it was time to head home via the path along the Little Sackville River where I managed to get a pair of soakers and picked up this...second one found this month!

The address was close to my abode so I stopped in and rang the buzzer for the apartment and was rung in without a word so I headed to the first floor to return the young lady's wallet. Knocked on the door and this....this...cornerlinebacker for the Greenbay Packers answered the door and I showed her the wallet thinking it might be her daughter....Lord forbid I was thinking to myself if "she" had kids" or got mad at me. Of course I was dressed like a refugee from a war zone with my digging uniform which consists of a camo jacket in green, blue camo sweat pants, fadded Garrett hat and unshaven which must have caused her some concern when she answered the door too boot I was jealous as halibut as she had more hair under her lip than I do on the top of my head. Man was I wrong as the lady was a jewel and kindly stated that the apartment number on the license was 106 not her 108 and directed me across the hallway where I returned the wallet along with pocketing a reward.....first one I ever took and had a need that needed feeding and no wallet! So with my $2 coin in hand I went to Tim's, had a coffee and walked home. Gotz to remeber me specs.

At home it was nice to some smiling faces as Marie was still at work and should be home just in time for me to head out and pick up Weiner for our two night shifts. Take for the day was the wallet, a key, bridge token and 78 coins @ $3.66
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billiard rich
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PostSubject: Re: Obsolete token and good deed   Mon Oct 20, 2008 2:54 pm

What a nice person you must be. I don't think I could take that abuse all day without shooting at least a few people.

Nice pictures. Cool story too. (And I think it's great that you get to water the trees up there. If I got caught doing that in the woods, I'd be locked-up.) Kind of nice that you got a reward for returning the wallet. (Two bucks is a little lame, but maybe that's all she could afford.)


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Obsolete token and good deed
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