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 Century dig ends with a good deed

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Century dig ends with a good deed   Fri Oct 03, 2008 5:31 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....mother-in-law was in the ICU unit so Marie gave me the good to go out for a mind clearing dig as the past few days have been a real strain. 90% of the tumor was removed and Donna did have movement on both sides of her body. Thanks for your prayers and may they continue.

Hit a local park that I knew would not give up much in the way of oldies but it was a great day and a walk in the woods was the order of the day.

To keep my mind off things I played the "Pop a penny at every Campsite " game and did just that with over 80 coins found in the 70 sites that I checked. Hit a common area in the park/campground and heard a familar "arf" behind me and there was Fraser out walking his pet human Darrel who is the coach on my ball team. Frazer was sure having fun and a real identity problem as he must have thought he was a beaver by the way he was chewing on some fallen tree branches! Anyway Darrel and I chewed the fat for a spell and we continued on our seperate ways.

Shortly after our parting I found a princess and a dinkie transformer on one site which made my day. UMmm! Should watch that movie later this evening as we have it on disk.

Park started getting very busy with dogs so I vacated and hit a place close to home in pursuit of a century (100 coins) but my first find was an eyeball one.

This I handed to a Mountie in his car at the donut shop (Tim's) on the way home.
Meandered here and ther near the gazebo

then by the shoreline path

till I was sure that I had the ton.
On the way home picked up some Chinese food for Marie and thought I might dine with the upper crust stopping at a smart shop for some Crown Royal. A full day and it dawned on me that although dentists do it in the mouth, bankers do it with interest, accountants by the numbers metal detectorists do it down on their knees thanking "The Big Guy" for each and every day and a great hobby.

Take for the day was a dinkie transformer, princess, key, tent pegs, dog tag (person) and 109 coins @$2.22.
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billiard rich
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PostSubject: Re: Century dig ends with a good deed   Wed Oct 08, 2008 12:06 am

I wish Donna a full recovery. Hope Marie gets a little rest now and then. Glad you were able to get out. Hope your luck improves - that total on the coins sounds more like one of my totals - and that's not usually good. Better days are on the way.
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Century dig ends with a good deed
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