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 Prayed to the Big guy for Quota but had a ball

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Prayed to the Big guy for Quota but had a ball   Thu Sep 11, 2008 5:40 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....well me son I paid the price for the aquatic excavation the other day as I have swimmer's itch welts from just above the knees to my toes. Small price to pay for the enjoyment of a swish.

Was watching an episode of Enterprise with these blue bouys with feelers on their heads and it reminded me of my situation when he (blue guy) said, " I don't trust you pink skins!" Must have been talking about me as I am covered big time with calamine lotion to thwart off the itch.

Had the day off so went to headquarters and collected my golf prize. Asked Shara if it was for finding the most golf balls but she was a cool cucumber and stated that it was a random draw out of a hat. Took the golf balls, hat and sunglasses without a word! Paid my dues for the banquet and left to go a digging.

Decided to cross the A. Murray McKay Bridge for some easy swinging.

From there I hit a spot that one could do a combo dig....but not this bouy and so I dug the dew.

Picked up some coins and a pair of specs which must be a sign that I need new ones...that is the start of a weird streak..2 digs 2 sets of glasses!

Of course saw some strange looking dudes on the side of a hydro box on the way to my next spot!

Had done this park/playground on many occasions and it still produces.

Had a ball here...actually found three here!

Of course no outing is complete without finding a ring albeit an ugly one made of something other then gold or silver. Not sure what the crest is but I did do my damnest to disfigure it with me digging knife!

Take for the day was 2 keys,a button,Knights of Columbus Prayer Beads and 67 coins @$13.29
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Prayed to the Big guy for Quota but had a ball
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