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 rings silver by land and gold by water

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PostSubject: rings silver by land and gold by water   Sun Aug 10, 2008 4:56 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....well the self inflicted knife wound was feeling better. Spent the morning preparing a picnic as Marie and I were off on an adventure to swishing spots unexplored. Sure was a nice day and the coast provided some scenic, panoramic views.

Even had to play a game of chicken with this pheasant on the drive!

First place we stopped was a sight to behold but not a good spot to swish.

Second spot was a good one indeed and Marie tested the waters while I did a land dig netting a few pennies and a nice little silver ring.

A few dinkies and I took the plunge.

Water was like a bath and the bottom like concrete which took all my strength to push the sieve in.

Took a break and Marie and I checked the picnic basket that I had made which included potato salad, Thai salad,seafood salad, cheese,crackers and pepperoni along with Kool Aid and watermelon. Man was I bloated after that but as Martha Steward often says, "And that is a good thing" as I was buoyant as the old HMCS Bonaventure!

Back in the drink I hit a nice little gold number that made my day along with a few earings which included a matching pair.

Headed home and followed the Lighthouse Route.

Take for the picnic outing was a gold ring, silver ring, 2 dinkies, brass ring, 4 earings (including the pair)non working lazer pointer,toy soldier and 54 coins @ $3.73
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PostSubject: Re: rings silver by land and gold by water   Mon Aug 11, 2008 4:04 am

A self-inflicted knife wound? Was this a cooking accident?

Great pics! Great finds! You are the ring-master. (Might be the dinky master too.)

I imagine Martha Stewart also says things like "I feel bloated and gassy today - get me some large people to interview and large furniture to sit in and put a gym sock over the lens so the viewers think I look young and thin and sexy." And 'Who ate all the gas-x again?!"


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rings silver by land and gold by water
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