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 A dig full of flying things

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PostSubject: A dig full of flying things   Thu Aug 07, 2008 12:01 pm

From the land of the Bluenose......quarter tank of gas, an hour and a half tops sure limited where to go a digging so I decided that a school yard a mere 15 minutes from my humble abode fit the bill for a nice peaceful dig for some coffee money.

Second time up the field doing the drunken sailor grid I hit a spill in the unmowed grass that netted me 4 coins totaling $6.25. Got to love those twoonies. Coming to the edge of the field I found my first flying thing of the day.......um. With all the things I've eyeballed this year I could open up my own playground!

Was meandering merrily when, being a bouy of advanced years the call came and into the woods I went finding no football this time but on the way out through a thistle stand got some neat views of flying things doing their things!

And this little creature...whatever it is was kind of neat and very busy doing whatever it is bugs do.

Man sometimes we are just too preoccuppied with our digging and miss some of the great things around us nature has to offer.....other then trips to the woods to answer the "call."

Sure was getting a tad hard to swing through the tall grass when another flying thing came to my aid. Mister Man was that fellow buzzing up and down the field like he had mowed it a 100 times before and without a doubt probably had. The Fallriver Grass 100 Lawnmower Grand Prix!

So I followed in his "mowed prints" which made things a halibut lot easier.

It was that time again....no not to the woods but home to get ready for a night shift. Take for the day was the freezbe and 41 coins @ $11.42.
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billiard rich
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PostSubject: Re: A dig full of flying things   Thu Aug 07, 2008 5:54 pm

Nice hunt, nice pics. Those loonies and toonies really add up. A week or two ago, I dug exactly 100 coins and I don't think it all added up to $4.00.
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A dig full of flying things
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