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 Sum glad it wasn't opened youz

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PostSubject: Sum glad it wasn't opened youz   Sun Aug 03, 2008 5:30 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....tap.....tap.....tap.......tap.
Tap, tap tap tap as the rain beat off the bedroom window. So much for Marie and I going on a picnic instead she went to Hubbards with her sisters to try some fish and chips from the chip wagon run by a friend of theirs and left the dishes behind for this bouy who had made her breakfast in bed. Didn't mind as I got in a few games of Scrabble on line holding my own while looking outside for a break in the weather. The heck with it and I headed out for a combo dig at a park that is about 20 minutes away.

Of course with a golf egg farm nearby I took the opportunity to go find a few of the little beggers as I'll need them on the 15th for the Golf Egg Whack Darn Tournie. Found a shaft without a club head on it and knew the gig was up for some poor golf whacker who had lost it. Also added 4 more "eggs" to my collection for the big day. Hope this is enough! Like the fact that I don't have to name them but with handles like Top Flite, Dunlop, and Calloway I'm sure life will be tough enough for those bouys!

Then did the dew on land getting royally soaked but what the halibut I was going for a swish later anyways. Of course the rascal (Freedom 3 Plus) was wrapped or was it a Glad kitchen Catcher!

Popped a few pennies and a kids ring and then a nice pin in the sand. Full of mud it was time to submerge.

Lake was like bath water and I slowly gridded the water at ankle, then knee then waist...um shocker at that level and finally neck deep where I pulled out an opened jack knife. Man that could have done a number on someone's foot!

Take for the day was the knife, a pin, fun zone token, a kids ring and bracelet and 39 coins at $7.57
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billiard rich
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PostSubject: Re: Sum glad it wasn't opened youz   Sun Aug 03, 2008 7:14 pm

Another nice hunt! Wish the clad now here added up as quickly as the coins up your way do.

Two dozen golf eggs ought to be enough for a round. (I spent 7 years working on golf courses. Yet I've only played about 36 holes in my life. Last time I played, I shot 107 for 9 holes. Figured it just wasn't the game for me. (Might be able to shoot a lower score these days with a pool cue.))


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Sum glad it wasn't opened youz
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