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 Mudder of a dig

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leslie(nova scotia)
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PostSubject: Mudder of a dig   Sun Jun 29, 2008 4:10 pm

From the land of the Bluenose.....another day and another extra shift. This time in traffic at the airport and folks were owly to say the least. Was told to go to "unknown" places a good many times during the day by motorists who I just smiled back at and put a ticket on their windshield!

The night was a lot better as Marie and I hit the Patriot Days Street dance at Springfield Rec Center. What caught my eye was the booth that gave out free cans of beer which, after a "few" I left and cut a mean piece of concrete with Marie as the mosquitoes had a feast on my blood. Hope the little buggers got picked up on the way home for impaired flying! Of course I paid the price this morning as the it seemed like Iron Butterfly was playing the extended version of "In a Goddaddiva" in my rear lobe!

My one day off was at hand being the bright side as the rain was a coming down hake and halibut and the phone was rinnging off the hook. Thank the Lord for caller i.d. as work was calling but this bouy was not answering.

Marie went a shopping with her sisters so this bouy fired up Otto and headed south.


Hit a local schoolyard but this bouy being a few cod short of a full net wore sneakers that acted like sponges and it wasn't long before they soaked up enough water and felt like I was dragging an anchor or at the very least a good bout of Frankinstien Feet. Lord love a duck what a rookie mistake.


Was full of mud from head to toe and looked like a canidate for a Tide commercial on tv and was just wondering if Marie would pop the big question; "You doing the laundry dear?"

Had Land Baby wrapped in a garbage bag , green of course and got a rather large sounding hit about the size of a can top and dug it anyway pulling out this puppy.


Sloshing through the puddles, rain running down my back and needing my sieve instead of my hunting knife drove me home feeling violated by Saint Digalot the Patron Saint of Metal Detectorists. Take for the day was the medal, 2 keys and 23 coins @ $1.46


On the serious side was really upset after watching a television show the other day called "Finding the Dead" or something like that as a crew of Archies were digging No Man's Land outside of Loos France and when they stopped for the night and returned the next day the dig site had been looted by metal detectorists. Too boot they had (night hawk detectorists) unearthed a life motor round and stole artifacts that could help identify some of the "unkown soldiers" that had been buried by artillery fire while they were still in their respective trenches. A sad day indeed for our hobby!
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billiard rich
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PostSubject: Re: Mudder of a dig   Mon Jun 30, 2008 3:49 am

Cool medal!

Don't let the creeps get you down. Some people have no class. Had a similar thing happen a year or two ago down south. Some people raided a civil war battle ground at night and left a bunch of deep holes. Very bad publicity for our hobby.
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Mudder of a dig
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